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Why Blog?

May 20, 2008

Today the lunchtime discussion at work was how those who participated in high school sports went through an average of 25-30% more school and now earn 12-31% than their non-coordinated classmates (1). Anyone who knows me can guess I’m not a former high school athlete. Shoot. Who knew running away from that soccer ball would impact my success in life. I may be doomed.

A couple days ago I heard a theory that bloggers are smarter than non-bloggers (2). Does that mean blogging makes you smart, or that intelligent people are more likely to blog? It’s yet to be determined. However, I’d like to be smart. I would assume intelligence and success are strongly correlated, and I’d like to be successful. After that lunchtime discussion, I’m pretty desperate to offset the damage done in my developmental years. Hence, I blog. Hope it helps.

(1) I think smart people would cite their sources, so here’s a link to maintain the illusion:
Little League, Huge Effect

(2) I tried to find substantiation for this but was unsuccessful. However, there are lots of interesting things that correlate with higher intelligence:

Short-sightedness (Sweet! I’ll pretend this isn’t inverse causation.)
Rhythm (Double sweet!)
Family Size: bigger = better (Excellent, despite an apparently bleak future for the population at large)
Height: taller = terrific (Sad. Maybe I’ll wear stilettos to work more often. Except they hurt. And I’ll probably trip, which would not help the cause.)

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