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June 10, 2008

Don’t worry, I’m not about to go all Usher (or “Ursher”) on y’all.

Do you ever find yourself doing things you’re embarrassed to admit, even though you suspect/know you’re one of many people who engage in the same behavior. Well, today I’m coming clean. These are my confessions. (I promise, no more of that.)

  • Facebook/blog stalking: I’ve Facebook stalked friends, old acquaintances, crushes, and even former high school enemies before. But today I may have hit a new low: stalking an ex. Thanks to the Facebook news feed, I was alerted to the fact that “he” (a former short-term flame who shall not be described further) bought a gold band. My curiosity was peaked. Not satisfied by his page OR blog, I turned to the significant other’s Facebook page and then blog. I’ll admit, it was highly diverting. Apparently she proposed. I think they may be MFEO.
  • Feeding my Cafe Rio Addiction: Not only did I go to Cafe Rio when I should be on a dining-out budget, I continued to eat and eat and eat long after I knew I was bulging-at-the-seams full. Pork barbacoa is just that good.
  • Letting Distractions Dominate Life: A casual lunchtime conversation about book recommendations led me to browse said recommendations on my GoodReads account. With twenty-five “to-read” books added forty minutes later, I’m forced to wonder, “where DOES the time go? And how will there ever be enough?” I confess, I may have ADD.
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