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Random Thoughts

June 13, 2008

Friday the 13th

How do superstitions like Friday the 13th come about? And how is it that, despite the fact that I don’t believe them, I believe them? Today I came into work, opened my planner to plot out the tasks for the day, and felt my stomach sink as I noticed in big, bold letters “Friday June 13.” I’m now on the lookout for bad luck. And I expect I’ll find it, because typically you find what you look for.

Why isn’t there a “good luck” day? Or is there, but society only embraces negative superstitions so that it never became popular?

Yellow Shoes

Today I’m trying out some new shoes. I bought them over a month ago, but haven’t had the courage to wear them yet. As I was walking outside, I realized my yellow shoes match perfectly with my yellow purse. And as I started my car, I noticed my yellow shoes and purse match that “Maintenance Required” light on my dashboard. I need an oil change. And I need to get back to working on the Supervalu Dashboard.

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