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I Wish…

June 18, 2008

I wish I had an interesting life to blog about.  Instead, I’m making today a day of wishful thinking. Right now, I wish…

  • The data I need has miraculously apparated.
  • My results make sense.
  • My project makes sense.
  • My work is done for the day (or week).
  • It is 5:30.
  • The roads are deserted.
  • My car went 90 MPH without hesitation.
  • My friendly neighborhood police officer wouldn’t mind me going 90. After all, roads are deserted.
  • I have all the time in the world to read, hike, and sleep.
  • I have all the best books in the world to read forever.
  • I have the energy to hike for days.
  • I can sleep with my eyes open, my brain working, and my feet moving.

In reality,

  • The data I have doesn’t make sense, but at least I’ve got something to work from.
  • The results will make sense after I devote lots more time to understanding.
  • I’ll leave at 5:45, even though my work isn’t done for the week, or even the day.
  • The roads will be crowded, but not as bad as they’d be if I left on time.
  • The weather is perfect, and since it’s the longest week of the year, I’ve got plenty of time and hopefully enough energy for an evening hike.
  • I’m young and healthy and have the world ahead of me.  Life really is great, even if I’m stuck pounding my head at my desk for the moment.
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