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Packing and Reminiscing

July 16, 2008

I’m moving again. I’ve managed to move about every year since college began. I guess that’s the life of a young singleton. Or a vagrant.

Every time I move, I’m amazed by how much junk I manage to accumulate. Yesterday included a stop at the DI with a trunk full of the junk I removed from my spare bedroom. Included in my donations: 2 space heaters and 2 fans from the days when my central air didn’t work, 12 pairs of shoes circa 1999, 3 shrunken wool sweaters & 9 shirts damaged by my poor laundry skills (sad), and two additional laundry bags full of threadbare clothes from high school.

The most amazing (read: pathetic) thing is that I haven’t used these items in 2+ years. I’ve packed, hauled, unpacked, stuffed into a corner, packed, hauled, and unpacked these items without considering what a lot of work it is for no utility or satisfaction.

This year, I’m determined not to pack any junk. This means that, with my “move date” 3 days away, I’ve packed 0% of my very full 2 bedroom apartment. Instead, I’ve cleaned out rooms, thrown away lots, given away more, and done some reminiscing.

My mom gave me a box full of elementary school remnants in December. For the last seven months, the box has sat by my dresser, untouched. But now I’ve finally began to go through the papers and old memories. I discovered some interesting things. (I’m likely the only person who found these interesting, but as I’m the only one who views this blog, I’ll write about it anyway.)

  • I learned to write mirror image. My parents told me this years ago but I didn’t believe them. (Apparently it’s common for left-handed children to write this way, because it’s natural to mimic others mirror image.) I discovered a “before and after” paper from kindergarten that illustrated how I wrote my name at the beginning of the year and at the end of the year. Challenger School very effectively crushed my non-conformist penmanship habits.
  • As I suspected, I’ve always been awful at art. And P.E. And health. (By awful, I mean a “satisfactory” instead of an “outstanding.” Somewhat surprising, I also struggled in science and history. Most shocking, I had some terrible spelling grades through the years. I really thought I was a good speller. Because of this discovery, I’ve doubted my every document I’ve written for the last week.
  • The 1990s was a universally awful hair decade.
  • I was “best friends” with some of my largest high school enemies. What happened? I think it may have something to do with the fact that they became “best friends” with my largest elementary school enemy.
  • I think I may have shown creative writing potential until about the 4th grade. What happened? I think 4th grade may have also been the year I became woefully aware of my awkwardness. Maybe there’s a correlation.

All told, it’s been an interesting walk down memory lane.

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