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Woes of a Single Girl

August 5, 2008

Being single is tough.

I recently read an article targeted at [not so] young single adults regarding maintaining hope in the face of ongoing single status and despite dating disasters. I initially noticed how patronizing the article felt. For me, the article had the opposite effect from its intention. I finished thinking, “wow, I had no idea how awful my life was! I never thought about it, but I have good reason to be sad about being single.”

I’ve been assessing my psychology a bit over the last few days. The difficulty is that I’m fairly complex.

I do yearn for marriage and family. I do get lonely. I do wonder “when,” especially when so many around me seem to be progressing and I feel stuck.

However, I like being single. I like the independence and freedom. I may not have much spare time, but the possibilities are endless when deciding what to do with my spare time.

With those two polar opposite viewpoints, I feel conflicted in my approach to dating. On one side, I want things to work out. And I want to work so that they do work out. The flip side is that I prefer being single and having fun “hanging out” with friends to going on awkward dates. And I think I’m more comfortable being single than risking failure that seems the inevitable result of dating.

Do I jump in or pull back? Would an effort help, or am I just wasting my time?

Oh, the woes of a single girl.

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