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My Personality

August 12, 2008

I recently took a personality test. Not surprisingly, I’m an introverted, intuitive, thinking judger. I’m independent and analytical. I dislike messes and inefficiencies, so much that I’ll spend lots of time just organizing, especially when stressed. I am highly demanding and judgmental of my performance and others. I can take the lead, somewhat reluctantly, when my assessment is that no one else is available to do a decent job. I focus on learning a few things well, mainly things that come naturally and easily to me: school and work. Other things (sports and sociality) I’m completely unaware and incapable of. I spend lots of time observing, but less time sharing my observations.

Other things are surprising. For example, there’s supposedly some creativity in me that gives me an exceptional ability to turn theories into solid plans of action. Maybe I’m creative but not artistic.  Based on my personality, I need closure (probably true), which makes me unhappy to learn something unless I’m able to put it into action. I’m also supposed to move on from old relationships without regrets. Sometimes true, sometimes not.

Some things are unfortunately true. For example, my tendency to pass quick judgment, my lack of willingness to modify my initial judgment, and my tendency to avoid people I view as incompetent. Because I think internally and need lots of time to do so, I’m viewed as aloof or even arrogant.

I took a quiz like this years ago as part of training at work. The purpose of the presentation there was to make us aware of personality strengths and weaknesses and understand how to better interact with others based on personalities. Ironically, because I’m aware of my faults I now find myself justifying them instead of correcting them.  This was potentially not a productive exercise.

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