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August 14, 2008

My to-do list today includes 12 hours of work. That’s my work to-do list. After that I have 8+ hours of things I’ve neglected: cleaning, laundry, studying, an overwhelming desire to sleep, and a tendency to drop all priorities and play (even if it’s dodgeball, where I will be slaughtered as usual).

At work, I’m not quite a manager, not quite a number-cruncher. Sometimes this is fantastic: it means assigning the mundane number-crunching and keeping the stimulating projects for myself. Not this week. One of my bosses is out of town. When this happens, I realize that what appears as talking on the phone all day is really filtering and limiting requests for work to a manageable level. With the office short-staffed, the task of talking to clients falls to me, in addition to full-time managing and full-time number crunching.

What’s my solution to balancing 3 full time jobs? Complain on my blog, refresh, and then back to work.

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