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What’s in a book?

August 28, 2008

I’m not sure what the purpose of this post is, except that I’m craving the chance to leave work and read a book.  But what book?

I love reading, but I certainly go through phases.  For the past three months, I’ve had book ADD.  I’ve started many books, given up on most, and have been reading that one for 73 days and counting.  I’m only halfway, so it’ll be awhile at that rate.  It’s not the great American novel.  It’s a 300 page light read, so I have no excuse. Two of my roommates read and highly recommended it, so I have to finish.

I think they loved it because they are foodies.  I’m not a foodie.  I like (love) food, unless it’s seafood, zucchini, (or any squash), watermelon (or any melon), cheese (except in foods), eggs (except in cakes, even zucchini cake), ….  The list goes on and on.  Point is, when I read a book about spices and cooking techniques, it’s so over my head that I become bored out of my skull after 5-10 minutes.

Today, I want to go home and read my latest library acquisition: the third in the “Thursday Next” series. The books are a combination of clever wordplay and one-sided villains that makes them both inane and clever. Yet somehow I like them, at least at present. My mom, however, may consider the first book (and only book she’s read in the series) in the running for top three terrible books ever.

My mom reads extensively, and therefore I consider her a good source for recommendations, most of the time, though some of her favorites are books I’m unable to make through page 10. What makes books appealing to some, andlike pulling teeth to others?

It all makes me wonder: what’s in a book?

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