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Bored, Distracted, Unengaged, and Leaving Early

September 12, 2008

It’s Friday at 5:14 of the slowest week ever.  Oh joy, 5:15.  15 more minutes to go.  Everyday this week I’ve reached a hump between 12  – 2.  The office is so quiet I could be here alone.  I have work, but all of it is mind-numbingly dull.  It’s either problematic data to troubleshoot, filing, or catching up on emails.  I’ve delegated away the interesting work, and the only involvement I have is to answer questions and check results.

Everyday, around lunchtime, I think, why am I here?  What am I accomplishing that couldn’t be done more efficiently later when the pressure of a deadline is working to motivate me?

5:16.  I should leave at 5:30.  5:17.  The last four days, 7 hours, and 47 minutes have nearly killed me.  How will I ever make it 13 more minutes?  13 is my favorite number, and yet…so far away.  5:18.  Editing this post will kill some time…5:19.  Shoot, I was hoping that would take longer.

5:20.  Ten more minutes.  I’ll make these productive.

Geez, I hate this model.  5:24.

5:25.  My brain is scattered.  My mind is completely useless.  It’s Friday.  I’m leaving 5 minutes early. TGIF!

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