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September 19, 2008

It’s been a while since I’ve done this, but I’ve been blessed very recently and wanted to express my gratitude.

1.  I’m so grateful for scriptural insights.  Yesterday I was ready to make an important but hard decision, but I desperately needed assurance it was right and strength to do it.  I went to the temple, hoping for clarity and courage.  As I studied D&C 8 & 9, I recognized the hastiness of the step I was about to take and the stupor of thought I was feeling.  I knew that my planned action, at least at that moment, was not the best decision.

2.  I’m grateful for impressions, guidance, and comfort from the Holy Ghost.  I sat in the temple, feeling overwhelmed with what appeared to be two terrible options.  A thought came into my mind: “forget yourself and go to work.”

Immediately I was reminded of an impression I’d repeatedly gotten over the last day: to drop off notes and treats at the doors of some people I knew were struggling.  I’ll never know what impact that has.  (Hopefully the flowers didn’t wilt and look like a cruel gag.)  But I know it was fun and uplifting for me, and helped me to forget my worries.

3.  I’m grateful for my roommates.  I emotionally collapsed on the drive home from work yesterday.  Tears were shed, I’m sorry to admit.  Yet, I thought I did a great job hiding the red eyes and mussed makeup.  Somehow these girls are so in tune and so kind they immediately knew what was going on.  Since then, each one has expressed their love, concern, and encouragement.  They made my desire for a fresh start their goal, so that I wouldn’t need to face the scary future alone.  They’ve offered help, support, and a shoulder to cry on whenever I need it.  Why can’t all relationships work so well?

I am so blessed.

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