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Funny Oddities

October 16, 2008

I love to catch a glimpse of the odd and humorous aspects of life.

Tuesday morning, while driving to work, I caught a glimpse of a BYU thug.  He was walking–or maybe slouching is a more apt verb–across the street, jamming out to whatever crummy music was coming out of his ear buds.  Very typically, he wore a beanie on his head, skater tennis shoes, pants on the verge of falling off, those disgusting earrings that are inserted into the hole and stretch out your earlobe, and a hoodie.  But this wasn’t just any hoodie.  Plastered on the front were the words “Brigham Young University.”  What a diverse fan base my Alma Mater pulls in.

As I left work last night, I caught a glimpse of two older women walking in the parking lot of the assisted living center across the street.  After climbing the stairs of the parking garage to my car, I caught a second glimpse of the women.  The less feeble of the two was moving with all of the speed left in her (about 2 MPH) to retreive a runaway walker that had somehow escaped and was skating across the parking lot toward the street.  Fortunately for all, the walker hit a flower bush before rushing into traffic.

Thank goodness for funny oddities that offset what can sometimes feel like the drudgery of life.

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