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Happy Friday

October 24, 2008

Last night in institute we talked about grace.  I love this excerpt from the Bible Dictionary: “It is through grace that individuals receive strength and assistance to do good works that they otherwise would not be able to maintain if left to their own means.”

Two takeaways I got from the lesson were:

1. I need to be proactive.  The first step in any goal I want to achieve must be my own.  But once I take that step, I will receive divine help to succeed in whatever trial I face or whatever task I seek to complete.

2.  I need to be grateful.  Only through humility can I open the door for Christ’s enabling power to help me in my life.  And humility comes only when gratitude is felt and expressed.

I fell asleep last night, happy for the insight I’d received and committed to do better.

I came to work today and instantly became grumpy.  It’s Friday.  Despite being able to wear jeans to work, stay up late, and sleep in the next morning, I have a tendency to dislike Fridays.  I hate not having plans on a Friday, especially after a long period of almost always having plans.  It can be disheartening to realize your sudden loser status and stressful as you try to find/plan an activity to participate in.

I had a flashback to my years in Connecticut, when weekend plans were rare, and most Fridays were spent with a movie or book in my cold and lonely apartment.  How I hated those days!  How much I loathe the thought of reliving them!

With a sinking feeling, I realized the folly of my ways and my so easily forgotten commitment.  I’m supposed to be grateful.  There are plenty of great things to do that don’t require company.  And if I really want company, I can be proactive about it.  How ridiculous to sit around, hoping something will come up.

My roommates are awesome.  I sent a text.  “I have no plans.  Are you up for anything?”  By putting forth a little effort, I’m now looking forward to a evening complete with fire, friends, and fun.

It wasn’t until I was typing this up that I realized how much it applies to our lesson last night.  I’m grateful for caring and uplifting friends who emulate the Lord and do his work, even when it seems like they’re just coordinating Friday night plans.

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  1. October 28, 2008 12:20 pm

    Oh michelle, you’re so great. So is Institute. I am so excited for tonight! Woo Hoo, I was able to comment.

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