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Funny Oddities: Google AdSense

October 28, 2008

Google AdSense is a pretty cool idea.  Contextual advertising is bound to increase profits and be helpful to consumers, right?  Yet, sometimes the ads that come up are nothing short of bizarre.

A few weeks ago, while emailing my roommates to recruit them to our upcoming 5k “Turkey Trot,” the query “Suffer from runner’s diarrhea?” was posed on the ad line above my composition.  What the…?!?!

Although it’s a bizarre condition that I didn’t ever imagine could exist, I can see how running a 5k and needing help for runner’s diarrhea could go together.  In case any suffer from this serious ailment, here’s a link to the first reliable looking website on prevention and treatments.

Today, my blog reader showed a blurb from one of my favorite blogs: Freakonomics.  The posting, “Are Gun Shows Dangerous?” relates to a story that’s actually quite sad and that I don’t want to trivialize.  However, the contextual ad of choice asked, “Is your car out of the closet?”  (I’ll not provide a link to that, thank you very much.)

As a stats nerd, I’m incredibly curious.  What is the correlation between gun shows and cars with rainbow bumper stickers?

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