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Song du jour

November 21, 2008

Coldplay is coming to town.  I wish I could go, but I can’t justify a $120+ expense for a few hours of entertainment.  Instead, I invested not quite that much in many new CDs that have been saved in my Amazon cart for the last 6-12 months.  I’ve been enjoying jamming out to new music and rediscovering some old favorites.

Today, the song streaming through my head is Coldplay’s “We Never Change.”  Not sure if it’s because it played on my I-Pod mix the last time I went to the gym, or just because it seems applicable at the moment.

But it does seem applicable.  As of late, it seems (despite all attempts to the contrary) that I’m hitting walls because of lack of change, both lack of change (improvement) in myself and lack of change in situations that are somewhat out of my control.  I’m bothered that I want change, but don’t know how to get it.  I’m bothered that I’m not even sure what change I want.  And I’m most especially bothered because I can’t figure out what change is best, or if I’m supposed to just accept things as they are.

In time, there’s no doubt things will become clear and work for the best.  Until then, I’ll just enjoy what I’ve got: some great new tunes.

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