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Christmas is Coming

December 4, 2008

Most years, I look forward to Christmas at least a few weeks before it is acceptable.  I anticipate the day after Thanksgiving, when the Christmas trees come out and when listening to holiday music becomes acceptable.

There is, however, one thing I dread about Christmas: the gifts.  I’m an atrocious gift giver.  The principle of gift-giving is awesome: I’d love to make someone happy with a gift I’d selected for them, so much that I think seeing that would make me happier than getting any number of things myself.

And yet, year after year, I lack inspiration.  And year after year, my family recieves lame gift cards or even lamer gifts they’d rather not receive.  The memory of dud gifts adds to the pressure to come up with something great to make up for a long string of lameness.

Today it hit me: Christmas is three weeks away.  Can I possibly correct years of lameness with only 3 weeks to aspire for gift inspiration?

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