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My Office is Bugged/I’m Going Schizo

December 23, 2008
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My annual review was earlier this month.  I still have a job.  I still have a great job.  Hooray.

However, something strange was said.  I was asked if I planned on making any major schedule changes, like say, in March.

Just yesterday, I’d made the realization with my co-worker that I’d be the only non-drinking under 30 attendee at the company health forum held every March.  By day, the forum is a great way to network and brush up on new trends and tools in the industry.  By night, it’s an open bar.  No fun.  We jokingly brainstormed “reasonable” excuses for an absence, including a long sabbatical for…I don’t know, mental health.  (Obviously I’ll be attending, I can’t come up with any reasonable, realistic reasons for an absence.)

The queries into my schedule plans made me wonder…is my office bugged?

Then I realized what a strange suspicion that was and wondered further…am I going schizo?

Maybe a long sabbatical isn’t a bad idea.

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