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Career Options

February 5, 2009

I’ve been evaluating my life.  How satisfied am I with it?

That naturally leads to evaluation of my job.  Do I like it?  Do I love it?  How long do I want to do it?  How long should I do it?  And, if any option were available to me (and I suddenly had talents, abilities, and credentials I currently lack), what else would I consider doing?

Real answers to those questions are too much to take in.  I prefer a life of day dreaming.  Hence the following list of alternate career options:

  • Elementary school librarian.  I have wanted to fill Mrs. Chadwick’s shoes since 5th grade.  Someday, I hope this dream comes true.
  • Ice cream taster.  It is my weakness.  Why not get paid for it?
  • Jason Bourne side-kick (sans killing).  I watch these movies and wish I could jump, kick, punch, shoot, run, outsmart, and chase like a real spy (which I’m sure is just like the movies).  And to be able to speak every language and have a posh apartment on top of that…sign me up.
  • Book reviewer.  Again, I love books.  A happy day is one spent reading.  All day.  Preferably a great book, which I’m sometimes not great at finding.

I’ve decided to pursue the last, though not professionally.  I think I read a lot.  Certainly I start to read a lot.  And yet, I have no memory of the books I’ve read.  When asked for recommendations, I’m lucky to think back more than a week.  Therefore, I will begin to record and review the books I’ve read on here.  As my readership is…me, this is obviously just to help my memory.  But with practice, someday my reviews will become poignant, witty, and naturally gain popularity through the wonders of Google.  And then…a new career will fall into my lap.

As mentioned, I prefer a life of day dreaming.

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  1. Jill permalink
    February 19, 2009 10:41 pm

    Just as an fyi, it’s actually not terribly hard to get the job of school librarian. My mother was a school librarian for years. She was actually the librarian at my own elementary school when I was in 3rd-6th grade, which came in very handy if I ever forgot my homework, because she could run home and pick it up during her lunch break – so . . . long story even longer, I think if you really had a mind to, you could probably do it. 😉 But I suppose I technically believe you could do ANYTHING if you really had a mind to.

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