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Interred With Their Bones

February 5, 2009

My most recently completed book: Interred With Their Bones.

Think Da Vinci code with a Shakespeare twist and you’ve got this semi-predictable, poorly written thriller.

To go into more detail without spoiling this must read, just replace male religious symbology professor with female Shakespeare PhD student; Louvre curator with Harvard Shakespeare professor/mentor; granddaughter Sophie with nephew Ben; and the Catholic church cover-up with a cover-up on the real authorship of Shakespeare’s plays & search for a lost play.

Pros (because I’m an optimistic person):

  • I can’t say I loved Shakespeare in junior high/high school/college.  I blame it on a series of spinster, dramatic, homey English/Humanities teachers who thrust Hamlet/Macbeth on me thrice without the offsetting humor of Much Ado About Nothing or A Midsummer Night’s Dream.  This book, with all the historical background on Shakespeare and Elizabethan England, actually made me interested in learning more.  There were some recommendations at the end, some of which I’ll consider reading (if they aren’t too scholarly).
  • Utah, with it’s Shakespearean festival, made an appearance.  Wahoo!
  • The premise is a cool idea.
  • It’s a quick read.


  • The dialogue is terrible.
  • The villain can be detected easily, within a few scenes of his appearance.
  • The audiobook is possibly the worst ever.  Are all American’s English accents so awful?
  • The inevitable romance is baseless, poorly developed, ridiculously nauseating, … I could go on.
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