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The Book Thief

February 5, 2009

I recently finished “The Book Thief.”  Actually, even more recently I finished a cosmically inferior book that has reminded me just how fantastic this one is.

Books like this make me wish I could write.  An equally magical book of my own, ideally.  Or a review worthy of the inspiration this book brings, as an alternative.

Yet words aren’t my thing.  I suck them up like chocolate milk, but spew them out like something…much less appealing.  You see my point.  Words aren’t my thing.

Instead, as an individual I consider capable of recognizing genius although equally incapable of exhibiting it herself, I give my simple minded plug: READ THIS BOOK.  Or, if you are like me, lacking in “reading time” but abounding in driving time, get the audio book.

Out of it, you will receive:

  1. A phenomenal storyline that had me in tears every morning for the last two weeks.
  2. Narration and imagery that makes you think and see the world differently: poetically, maybe.
  3. A real appreciation for kind people amid what sometimes seems a dreary world.
  4. Did I mention the imagery?
  5. Some weird desire to show those you care for that you care…just in case.  I’m not one for waxing sentimental.
  6. A satisfying ending.  Neither “happily ever after” nor the ending of a Shakespearean tragedy. The importance of a satisfying ending can’t be understated.


I feel the need to add one disclaimer.  On audiobook, I found the first few chapters difficult to get through, mainly because of the reader’s insistence on translating and re-translating Rosa’s colorful language.  This fortunately tones down after a few chapters.

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