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Something I’m excited about…

February 13, 2009
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I’ve been watching a lot of 24 lately. Credit goes to Mike for introducing me to this awesome, addictive show. The actors are talented (with one exception), the plot is riveting, the music is often in my head…

But here’s the rub: I feel guilty when I reflect on the day and realize I spent a large portion of my free time plonked in front of the boob tube. For some time, I’ve been wondering if there is some solution. And I think I’ve been inspired with a marvelous idea: fleece blankets.

I’ve always wanted to make a fleece blanket. It seems like the perfect “crafty” project for me: very little skill or time required to be able to enjoy your finished project. It also seems like a great way to stay busy while Jack Bauer saves the world.

I heard about an enormous fleece sale going on this week and recruited Mike to the idea of getting massive amounts of fleece. Last night, we showed up at the store 25 minutes before closing and began to pick out material. By the time we were done, we’d picked out material for about 20 blankets. (Props to the people at Hancock fabrics who stayed 45 minutes after closing to cut the material.)

What will we do with 20 blankets, you wonder? That’s the second part of my inspiration. There’s a great organization called “Project Linus” which takes donated blankets and gives them to kids in hospitals and youth/woman’s shelters.

I’m excited to be making many blankets for a good cause in the coming months (years?). Needless to say, anyone who wants in on the cutting action is welcome.

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