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Being a lefty IS cool

March 3, 2009

I love the Freakonomics blog.  Today I enjoyed an article called “Left Handed Presidents.”

If you’re wondering, the 5 lefties of last 7 Oval Office residents were:

Gerald Ford
Ronald Reagan
George H. W. Bush
Bill Clinton
Barack Obama

The thing I enjoyed most about this article are the multiplicity of comments from readers who list the most successful lefties they know.  What a sound way of asserting a case for the superiority of left-handedness.

I’ve always suspected lefties, shunned for centuries, have triumphed over the obstacles of a right-handed world and are now poised to take over the world.  This further cements my theories.  And I’m not at all biased about this.

Two side notes:

Lefty day is August 13th.  I’m considering making this an annual celebration which will involve, among other things, posters, confetti, and cake which anyone is welcome to after they have tied their right hand behind their back.

You can buy awesome left-handed products like scissors, can openers, quick-drying pens that prevent ink stains, and knives with serration on the opposite side to make cooking easier and safer.  I’m surprised by all the products available.  I had no idea what a handicap I’ve been enduring.

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