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A picture of Tucson

March 18, 2009

I get to spend the next few days in Tucson for a work conference.  It’s an annual meeting where we’re trained on new models, discuss up-and-coming issues, and get all fired up about the greatness of being an actuary for a wonderful company that flies you out to “exotic” locations so that you can (hopefully) spend 1/2 of an afternoon enjoying the sites.

Admittedly, Tucson is the best location yet.  I didn’t love the dangerous urban environment of post-Katrina New Orleans, or Phoenix, the land of black pavement & strip malls.

I’ve come to appreciate the freedom of those previous years, however.  In years past, there’s no obligation to lug around a 12 pound laptop.  Yes, co-workers were just a call away, or worse, sitting next to you in a training meeting, but they certainly didn’t take advantage of that.  In years past, when the meetings were done, you were free to have fun.  There was no need to come back to your hotel room to respond to the missed emails of the day (unless you chose to respond to missed personal emails for your own enjoyment).

I guess it’s all part of career advancement, but oh, how I wish I’d appreciated what I once had.

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  1. March 19, 2009 8:59 am

    I’m sorry to tell you this but Tucson is a more ghetto version of PHX.

  2. bo permalink*
    March 24, 2009 9:46 am

    I believe it. I witnessed some classy people down there. But you have to admit that the views are a LOT better in Tucson.

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