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June 8, 2009

May brought me many visits to the library and an enormous stack of books on various subjects.  In typical fashion, I completed about 20% of the books I started.  However, in the interest of documenting my reading endeavors, the following is a (partial) list of my library record in the month of May.

Washington DC travel guides:  In an effort to prepare for my awesome trip (look for pictures and more in the next few days), I checked out three guides from the library.

For pre-trip planning, The Rough Guide: I love to research the history and culture of my travel destination.  This guide is the best option for information that will get you excited for the trip & prepare you to more fully enjoy things while you’re there.

To carry with you, Frommers: Good summaries of the main attractions (which I used), as well as dining & lodging options (which I didn’t use).  This guide offers the best maps for getting around in DC, as well as navigating the metro, but better maps and directions for things outside of DC (for example, to the airport) would’ve proven helpful.

For my next DC trip, Off the Beaten Path: this looks like a fun guide, and when I go again I would use it to find some “off the mall” gems.  Since it was my first DC trip, I was mostly happy to stick with the typical tourist spots.

Light Fiction: I spent one evening browsing the Draper library for some reading options.  I’ve decided I can’t trust my intuition based on titles & book covers.

Sleep, Pale Sister & The Alchemist’s Daughter: I made it 30 pages before deciding these trashy gothic romances weren’t worth it.

Mrs. Kimble: not so much trashy romance as depressing anti-marriage propaganda.  For more, see my full Goodreads review.

Up High in the Trees: I have high hopes for this novel, narrated by an nine-year-old boy with Aspegers who examines his thoughts and feelings in the months after his mom’s death.  I’m about 25 pages in; look for more to come.

Upcoming Reads: Lesson learned, I subcribed to various book recommendation websites in hopes I would have better luck in my book selection.  My list of “to read” and my stack of library books has never been so large.  The following are at the top of the stack–books I’ll be reading (or attempting to read) in the coming weeks:

  • Going to See the Elephant
  • The Book of Dead Philosophers
  • Woodsburner

Any book recommendations?  I’m always up for something new.

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  1. June 8, 2009 5:31 pm

    Try the Thirteenth Tale. I thought it was great!

  2. June 18, 2009 7:42 pm

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