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iPhone shipping scam?

June 19, 2009

Today, the friendly FedEx man showed up at my door.  Sweet!  My iPhone is here!

I was puzzled by the package: a FedEx envelope, usually used for shipping paper.  Well, awesome!  The iPhone is THAT small.

No, the users manual is that small, and no phone is sight.

I waited forever (5 minutes) while my computer slowly loaded the AT&T contact webpage.

I waited an eternity (3 minutes) to hear from a human.

I am waiting another infinite period of time (3 minutes & counting) to hear from a salesperson who can help…

I wonder…is this a FedEx scam, too much busy-ness at the AT&T wshipping warehouse, or a huge coverup & there aren’t new iPhones after all?

Nope, they just shipped the user’s manual & phone in two packages (efficient) and the FedEx man misplaced the important one.  Thirty minutes later, he returned with an apology and a beautiful new phone that’s slowly charging.


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