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July 2, 2009

Part of my on-the-job training as of late is to track & discuss all things Obama related, at least as far as health care goes.

There’s a slew of articles everyday, with the highlights delivered to my inbox.  Articles range from informative coverage of Obama’s statements to diatribes from both sides (or all sides) of the debate whining and threatening related to one issue or another.

But by far, the most entertaining article comes today from the Washington Post.

To me, this article confirms things I’ve suspected for a long time:

  • The American public can’t sensibly respond to polls on their healthcare wants & needs.  How will a “working” system ever be designed?
  • Facebook comments/Twitter tweets are largely inane.
  • Our president is intelligent enough to recognize the inanity of Facebook comments/Twitter tweets, are therefore doesn’t waste his time reading them.
  • The fact that he’ll never read Facebook comments/Twitter tweets doesn’t keep him from pretending to be into the social networking buzz.

I hope you find this article as entertaining as I did.  Or at least mildly so.

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