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Book Review: The Freedom Writers Diary

July 7, 2009

This is an interesting book, and I want to believe it, and yet…some things just don’t add up.

The book is presented as a compilation of diary entries from 150 “at risk” high school students.  The entries start in their Freshman year and in a way you can see these student’s progression as “Freedom Writers.”  Yet, you’re already midway through the book when the idea of keeping a diary is mentioned.  How did all the earlier entries exist?

It’s at this point that my suspension of disbelief evaporated.  It became more and more apparent to me how edited these entries must have been: by the original authors, who must have made major retrospective revisions, and by fellow students, the book’s editor, and possibly their teacher for grammatical corrections and probably decency.

There’s no doubt these students have lived through events I can’t even imagine.  There’s no doubt their success in high school and life is incredible.  But the result of editing, as many other reviewers have pointed out, is a compilation from what sounds like a single, bland voice.

In the end, it feels more like an alright story than an inspirational biography, and the challenge to “toast for change” by this story left me relatively unmoved.

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  1. telimena42 permalink
    July 7, 2009 3:42 pm

    Hi,I didnt read a book,but i have a movie and i’ve seen this quite few times.I really recommend this.I didnt think about that this story is possible or not[They are telling that is true story].This is just a good story for me.Of course that my life wont be changed by ti.But it was nice to give nice kick to my laziness,to move on[or imaging myself to do so].And Hillary Swank is good.
    Yours sincerely…:-)

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