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Smack Down

August 12, 2009

Wow, has it been a crazy week.  Probably a combination of my boss being out all week, and me leaving for Twin Lakes (via Reno) tonight.  I think I’ve never worked so quickly to try to wrap everything up.

The result has been miraculous: I actually found time for a brief respite (what most call a lunch break.)

I entered the break room, nuked my food, and sat down.  Ahhh.

And then, smack, smack smack.  Shoot, I completely forget that my co-worker cannot eat without making me want to puke.  (Lest you think I’m exaggerating, I’ve really begun to delay lunch until I hear her walking away from the break room.  Then I know it’s safe.)  Smack smack smack, she reads me an article about sushi-eating etiquette.  The irony didn’t fail to escape me.

It was a sad realization that eating at my desk & continuing to work would be less stressful than listening to smack smack smack for one more bite.

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