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25 for 25

My birthday was a couple months ago, but this blog doesn’t seem official without my list of 25 things in my 25th year (or maybe it is my 26th year.  Whatever). Most are fun activities to keep me from living a sedentary, dull life. Some are things to help me develop into a better person. A few are pipe dreams. All are subject to change without notice.

1. Get kicked out of a park mission accomplished in the wee hours of April 30, 2008

2. Go skiing SO FUN! All this time I dreaded winter, when all I needed was warm clothes & a mountain to ski (or slide) down.

3. Go snowshoeing At least as fun as skiing, and possibly better because it’s less terrifying.

4. Tour Timp Cave / Climb Mount Timp (too late for that, there’s already snow on the ground.)

5. See Wicked in LA

6. White Water Rafting

7. Fishing

8. Laser tag, paint balling, shot-gun shooting, or marshmallow gun wars

9. Hang gliding, paragliding, or parasailing So lovely.  I was amazed by the beautiful sea and beach in Cancun.

10. Tubing down a river Luckily, the convulsions from hypothermia have subsided and I’m alive to tell about it.

11. Run a 5k Hooray!  I finished.  Now to do it again more quickly, and tack on swimming and biking, and/or 3-10 additional miles.

12. Camping

13. Visit a National Park (Arches, Zion, Yosemite)

14. Go to a concert or three.  Jason Mraz, despite his poor taste in politics, is fantastic.  Weezer was cool as well, despite not really being the Weezer type. And spontaneously going to a Coldplay concert…too great to describe.

15. Scuba diving (but first I need to learn to swim)

16. Get a passport & leave the country

17. Go snowmobiling

18. Pick up a new hobby (cooking, photography, painting, or maybe just blogging…I’m undecided on what)

19. Take more opportunities to play piano

20. Volunteer in a Library Well, I submitted an application to volunteer.  They haven’t called me back.  That may have to be good enough.

21. Increase my efforts at missionary work

22. Be a successful matchmaker

23. Visit 5 new temples (St. George, New York,  Los Angeles, Bountiful, and Draper)

24. Get endowed

25. Get hitched

*I’ve managed to accomplish some of these goals.  The completed activities are shown in purple.

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